Friday, 14 August 2009

Dales Westerns - August 2009

Wayman's Ford by Jim Bowden
Wayman's Ford, the easiest crossing of the Brazos River for the cattle herds trailing north to the Kansas railheads, is controlled by the Pickering brothers. When they try to exert too high a toll for the use of the ford, trouble comes from the Broken U outfit. Killing leads to killing and Dan McCoy, Sheriff of Red Springs, moves in to prevent a full-scale war between the two outfits, but arson, rustling and kidnapping sweep the Brazos country around Red Springs, before Dan, aided by his deputy Clint Schofield, and the Collins family, finally brings the criminals to justice.

The Death Trail by M. Duggan
When Noah Swan headed west he thought he was leaving trouble behind him, but trouble was waiting as soon as he set foot in Hawk's Head. Pretty soon, through no fault of his own, there were plenty of folk in Hawk's Head who wanted to see him dead. He had no choice: to stay alive he must kill those who were out to get him. When he thought the worst was over, he could not know that trouble in the form of Judge Elmore Standish and his son Nathaniel was headed his way, but no matter what, Noah was determined to survive.

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