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Black Horse Westerns - September 2010

Across the Rio Grande by Edwin Derek

When Matt and his cousin Luke, a notorious bounty hunter, are besieged by the Mexicalaros, they know that they must fight their way to victory or die trying. Everyone knows the Mexicalaros: the renegade gang who terrorise ranches and settlements on both sides of the Rio Grande are feared by all. Now, the cousins are forced to use that fear to recruit help from both sides of the border and to lead a counter-attack on the deadly Mexicalaros. But will the Mexicalaros hit back? And how many must be slain before peace can return to the border? As Matt and Luke hunt for the leader of the deadly gang, the time has come to find out what the cousins are made of.

Crossing the Bravo, For Pueblito by Jim Lawless

When rancher, bully and wife-beater Clayton T. Pallister is murdered, the tragedy has its compensations. For his wife, Rosie, the harsh years are over, the Rolling P ranch is hers and her young son Warren looks forward to a life away from his powerful father's stifling rules. Then, only days after the funeral, a young woman rides across the Bravo from Mexico and everything is thrown into disarray. Not only is doubt cast on the legality of Rosie's inheritance but the young woman has brought in her wake two ruffians who are clearly up to no good. They are soon followed by a Mexican landowner who is keen to get a foothold on the rich soil of southern Texas. So, as Clayton T. Pallister's mysterious past is resurrected and the fight for the Rolling P becomes ever more complicated and violent, Warren realizes that he has a fight on his hands that can only be settled when all factions come together in a blaze of gunfire.

Smuggler's Gulch by Logan Winters

The dark-eyed lady wanted wandering Jake Staggs to collect the bounties on twenty members of an outlaw band. Maybe she was a little crazy, but Jake had no choice but to try things her way since his only other option was the hangman's noose. Anyone, even a wanted man like Jake, could ride into the rustlers' camp at Smuggler's Gulch, but if Kit Blanchard didn't want you to leave then you weren't going to make it out alive. Jake had cheated fate there once before and now he was ready to make his second attempt for the sake of a madwoman. Of course, somewhere in the distance Marshal Trouffant would be waiting to hang Jake if he failed.

Hangtree County by Hank J. Kirby

All his life, Drew Hardy had been overshadowed by his brothers, Kerry and Luke. Then, he was jailed for murder. Seven years later, Drew found himself free from the penitentiary rockpile in a surprising twist of fate. But what kind of freedom would await Drew on the outside? Freedom to work with Kerry and Luke on the prod, as they made sure he never got his share of the family ranch? As time went by, Drew decided that the only way to settle the matter was with guns - and he had learned plenty about those since he had been in jail. Now, for the first time in his life, Drew was a force to be reckoned with.

Apache Rifles by Ethan Flagg

When Brick Shaftoe receives an urgent cable from his brother, he hurries to the town of Brass Neck in New Mexico, for it is there that the Apache chief, Mangonellis, is being supplied with guns to terrorize the smaller ranchers. Soon after, Brick discovers that his brother has met with a fatal accident and he is sure that this is no coincidence. Through his sorrow, Brick vows to find out the truth about what has been going on in Brass matter how rocky the road is along the way.

Wade's War by Chet Cunningham

Fourteen-year old Wade Tretter watches in horror as outlaws murder his parents on their small Missouri farm, a few days before the end of the Civil War in 1865. Wade's father trained him as a farrier but when his father dies, Wade sells the few cattle they have left and heads west to find the killers. After killing two of them in the spirit of retribution, Wade finds the last two men posing as model citizens in a small Kansas town. How can he beat the odds and bring these powerful men to justice without hurting their new families?

Long Blows the North Wind by Owen G. Irons

Brian McCulloch's only friend and partner is gunned down by Jason Grier and his prowling gang after they set upon the pair, hoping to steal a cartload of valuable furs. To avenge his friend and to prove himself a man, Brian needs to track down Grier...but the trail is long and cold, and the storms he must pass through are more violent than he could have ever expected.

Silent Woman Showdown by M. C. Young

Tom Bantry just can't understand why the pretty Cora Lee won't give him the time of day, especially after he rescued her from a man like Rufus Earle. Soon, however, Tom has other problems to think about. He stands to lose his ranch to the Earle brothers while his good friend Silas Sidwell hopes to benefit from the chaos the troublemakers are causing. Cora Lee may be keeping quiet for now, but she will have a crucial role to play in bringing things to a head when the time comes.

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