Thursday, 16 September 2010

Whipple (Chuck Tyrell) wins award

Charles Whipple, who writes Black Horse Westerns as Chuck Tyrell, won THE 2010 OAXACA INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE COMPETITION, AGAVE AWARD FOR LITERATURE for his short story A Matter of Tea.

The competition is held in conjunction with the Oaxaca International Film and Video Festival because cinema and literature have always been closely intertwined. This competition provides a forum for writers from around the world to display their talents.

Whipple's story was selected as the winner from a thousand entries. He will fly to Oaxaca, Mexico, to receive the award. The top ten stories in the competition will be published in a special commemorative edition.


Joanne Walpole/Terry James said...

Well done to Charlie and nice to get a look at him. :-)

Anonymous said...

Charles is a high school classmate of whom I'm very proud. His talent is something and I greatly enjoy reading his stories.
Paul Hatch