Thursday, 31 May 2012

Black Horse Westerns - May 2012

Stop Ollinger! by Jack Dakota

When the town of Mud Wagon Creek is destroyed by desperadoes it is just the start of a twisted trail of revenge for outlaw-boss, Bass Ollinger. He has sworn to make society pay for the time he spent in the Oregon State Penitentiary, shackled by the infamous Oregon Boot, and he intends blazing a trail of death and destruction clear from Texas to the Beaver State. Riding the border country, Brant Forrest unwittingly rides into Ollinger's path and with others also in the renegade's line of fire, comes to the inevitable conclusion: stop Ollinger!

Twilight Trail by Lance Howard

When manhunter Teel Barsom brought in notorious outlaw Slade Heath he made a fateful mistake, one with tragic consequences that would destroy the new life he'd built with his young bride, and riddle his nightmares with guilt and loss. Trapped in a world of whiskey, and shame, Teel wants nothing more than to sink deeper into despair when a mysterious young woman abducts him from the saloon and offers him redemption - redemption he wants no part of. But with salvation comes a price, one that may cost him and his kidnapper their lives.

Three Days to Angel Pass by Rob Hill

Lucas Redwood makes wrong choices for the right reasons. A giant of a man, hardly aware of his own strength, he accidentally causes the death of a bullying lumber-camp foreman when he goes to the defence of a friend. Persuaded that the tyrannical boss will believe this was murder, Lucas decides to run. With no money to provide for his family, he becomes involves in a robbery which goes bad. Set against the crucible heat of the Mojave Desert, in an industry where workers are cruelly exploited, how will Lucas's fellow workers react when they discover he is innocent? Will this flawed hero evade his pursuers and make it to the border crossing at Angel Pass?

Against all Odds by Hank J. Kirby

He didn't even carry a gun, it wasn't necessary when he was so good with his fists. But after a fatal altercation with a proddy kid he began to see he was perhaps too good, especially as the boy had a mighty powerful father and brother who would be waiting for him when he was finally released from prison. It seemed like the moment to start packing a gun - a very special kind of gun. He needed all the advantage he could get as he was only one man against many. Someone had to die to even up the odds.

A Town called Perdition by Lee Lejeune

Jesse 'Mav' Bolder heads into Pure Water, known as Perdition because its evil reputation. There he encounters some very shady characters, among them the sheriff, Bill Bronco, local rancher Bunce and his hired killers. But there are good people in Pure Water too and when Mav befriends them, Sheriff Bronco sees this as an opportunity to run them off, leading to a bloody showdown for control of the town.

Ride the Savage River by Scott Connor

It took Marshal Ellis Moore twelve years to clean up Empire Falls, and he was killed taking on the last of the gun-toters who had controlled his town. But at his funeral US Marshal Lincoln Hawk told his sons Daniel and Henry that all was not as it seems. Ellis had been on the payroll of Samuel Holdstock, who controlled Skull Bend from his steamboat, and who was now spreading his corrupting influence downriver. Daniel and Harvey vowed to expose the full truth. To do that they would need to infiltrate Samuel's domain, spirit him away from his steamboat, and then deliver him to justice in Empire Falls. Even the formidable Lincoln Hawk reckoned their mission was doomed to fail, but to put right their father's mistakes they would have to succeed.

Fortress Palomino by Michael D. George

The cattle town of War Smoke was getting bigger as its grasslands filled with steers for the coming trail drives. Marshal Matt Fallen wired other law offices around the remote settlement for help in keeping his town peaceful until the drive moved north. Kid Palomino and his sidekick, Red Rivers, heeded the call and rode in to help Fallen. When a dying sheriff rides into War Smoke to tell the pair that the notorious bandit, Santiago Del Rosa, has crossed the border with a small army of ruthless killers they don t need telling twice to leap into action. Can Kid and Rivers stop Santiago before he and his bandits spill even more blood?

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