Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The latest Ben Bridges titles on Kindle

 Dave's second published book, Hard as Nails, a tight and tense O'Brien yarn from 1987, which sees O'Brien join forces with another of Dave's 'professional fighting man' characters, the one-eyed, cigar-chewing Logan Tyree. We're especially thrilled with this book because it features an exclusive cover by the legendary Tony Masero. The second of the two reissues is Coffin Creek, the first book in a projected series set in and around a Texas railroad town. This one was originally published as a Black Horse Western in 1992, under the 'Matt Logan' pseudonym.

2000's Apacheria and Marked for Death, which dates all the way back to 1993. Apacheria introduces Major Sam Lockwood and his Galvanized Yankees as they fight not only to survive one of the harshest environments on the planet but also to maintain law and order in an increasingly lawless land. Marked for Death gives professional fighting man Carter O'Brien an unusual mission indeed when he is hired to ride shotgun on ... ah, but that would be telling!

Ride for the Rio! is a taut, stand-alone western that takes a fresh look at an old theme (that of revenge), while Thunder Gorge sends lawman-turned-rancher Jim Allison south of the border to rescue a mismatched band of gringos -- and ten pure-bred Arabian horses -- from revolution-torn Sonora. As usual, both books feature hard, fast-paced action and more than a few plot-twists along the way!

Blood Canyon sees lawman-turned-rancher Jim Allison risking his own life trying to save that of a woman he's never even met, while Squaw Man sends professional fighting man Carter O'Brien on a dangerous mission to avert a full-scale Apache uprising. As usual, both books feature hard, fast-paced action and more than a few plot-twists along the way, and as always can be downloaded AT BARGAIN PRICES from Amazon's sites in America, the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Blurbs can be found on our Kindle Collection page!

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