Friday, 4 May 2012

Philip McCormac's new website

About Philip McCormac

I did have the yearning to be a writer for a very long time. Initially I started writing verse and when I got more confidence I sent the completed items to newspapers and magazines. I suppose they mustn’t have been too awful for surprisingly some were published.

At the same time I was dabbling in prose and wrote a few short pieces mostly random thoughts on various subjects. Those jottings evolved into abortive attempts at short stories.

I was fascinated by horror and fantasy and sci-fi but leant more towards horror which again surprisingly, at least to me, were published. Of these I shall tell more below. One day I read an article about writing western novels.

‘Mmmm.... methinks I might have a go at that...’ mused I.

So I wrote HOT SPUR and used the pseudonym – ELLIOT JAMES.

I sent the manuscript to Robert Hale Ltd, laboriously printed out on my ancient printer page by page, all 45,000 words of it. In a short time I received a letter of acceptance. That was a great feeling.

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