Friday, 31 August 2012

Black Horse Westerns - August 2012

Guns for Gonzalez by Corba Sunman

Provost Captain Slade Moran tracks three army deserters who stole two wagons of guns and supplies to sell to the Mexican bandit, Gonzalez. Time is against him and the renegades need capturing before they cross the border. But Moran's situation is about to get even more complicated. The daughter of Gonzalez, fleeing her father's anger, is being pursued by her father's men and breakaway rebel, Pedro Sanchez, who wants to use her as a bartering chip against her father. When the bullets start flying Captain Moran is right in the middle, and stuck there until the bitter end.

Iron Eyes the Fearless by Rory Black

Following their robbery of the San Angelo bank, Iron Eyes has just outgunned the Lucas gang when he discovers that the sheriff has been wounded and may not pay out the reward money. Downing most of a bottle of whiskey, Iron Eyes spots another outlaw in the saloon. With time to kill he allows Joe Kane to run and then, like a cat after a juicy mouse, sets out after him into forested Indian territory. He comes under attack from a band of Cheyenne warriors, but although wounded, the bounty-hunter keeps on fighting until his guns are empty. The braves close in...Tethered to a stake as triumphant chants echo all around him, he awaits his fate silently. He is unafraid. He is Iron Eyes the Fearless.

Return to Tatanka Crossing by Will DuRey

The war has been over for three years but only now is Charlie Jefferson returning home. If he has changed during his absence, so too have the inhabitants of the Wyoming valley he left behind. Neighbourliness has been replaced by greed and hostility; the cluster of buildings around Sam Flint's trading post has developed into a small township where gun-carrying saddle-tramps congregate; and a man called Brent Deacon is forging an empire at the expense of the original settlers. Choosing to interfere on behalf of Lars Svensson, who is accused of murder, brings Charlie into conflict with the dangerous Deacon, but the reasons for their animosity are much more personal.

Six-Gun Nemesis by Colin Bainbridge

In Chaparral Bend a gallows is being raised for youngster Ty Garland, accused of bank robbery. But is he really guilty? His old ma claims he is innocent, and town tamer, Crossdraw Kitchenbrand, is inclined to believe her, especially as the notorious gunman Angel Addison and his gang, the Yuma boys, seem to be involved. Crossdraw's search for answers brings him up against big ranch-owner Landon Clovis and leads him to the outlaw roost of Addisonville. He can count on the support of the old woman and a girl he has rescued, but will that be enough to succeed against overwhelming odds? Will his six-guns finally bring justice?

Blood on the Land by Paul Bedford

In 1844, young British Army Officer, Thomas Collins, is sent to the fledgling Republic of Texas. His mission: to meet the legendary President Sam Houston to negotiate terms for the British Empire's involvement in his country. What Thomas finds is a world of subterfuge and danger. The republic is scourged by an implacable and deadly enemy, the Comanche Nation, for whom rape, pillage and bloody warfare is a way of life. His desperate fight for survival brings him into contact with Captain John Coffee Hays, and his effective Texas Rangers, and ends in a lethal climax aboard a steamboat on the unpredictable Brazos River.

Beyond Redemption by I. J. Parnham

As a child Jeff Dale witnessed the terrible aftermath of an atrocity. Elmer Drake killed three members of a family and when the surviving girl Cynthia went missing, Jeff vowed that one day he'd find her, no matter how long it took. Ten years later, after finding a clue about Cynthia's fate, Jeff becomes a bounty hunter and follows the trail to the frontier town of Redemption. And in Redemption stalks a gunslinger who carries a gun in one hand and a cross in the other. A man with a rope-burn around his neck, called Elmer Drake...

Rising Red by Caleb Rand

US Marshal, Will Ritter, is well used to hauling outlaws in front of a judge but this is different, Theodore Pond was a one-time friend. Ritter is to transport him across many miles of wild country to stand trial for murder, despite the doubt of Pond's guilt. When the prisoner and his cohorts try to break free, Will's problems really begin. From an abandoned mining town, and with the distraction of two young women passengers, Ritter sets out on a nerve-jangling drive. Finding himself both at the mercy of his prisoners and the moving target of a ruthless posse, this is one journey he will be lucky to finish alive.

Shadows of Guilt by Mark Bannerman

It starts out as a simple mission to trace his kid brother, but Brad Caulderfield rides into a heap of trouble when he kills the brother of Marshal Seth Blevins. Charged with murder and pursued by the embittered lawman, Brad has no alternative but to run for his life. He faces further complications from Stella Goodnight who is out for his blood when he fails to return her affections. When his brother reappears bearing bitter resentments from the past, he is looking headlong into the face of his nemesis...

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