Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mark P. Lynch's new blog

So, this is the blog. Well, a blog. My blog.

We’ve yet to see how often it will be updated and how much of what does actually get written here is worth reading. But as somewhere to begin, this is the beginning. It’s my intention to post some tales here, talk about stories, writing, publishing (and not publishing and self-publishing), science fiction and fantasy (what we loosely call speculative fiction if we don’t want to appear like hacks), crime fiction, mainstream fiction, Westerns, and of course the big bad bear in the woods.

The big bad bear in the woods is the scary thing. And quite rightly so. It’s the thing that gets you in the night, rears its head and snaps at you when you think you’re okay and happily wandering through the trees and enjoying the weather, maybe even thinking about what the Pope’s doing.

When the Links page is up and running properly, I’ll sort out some links to sites about ME and fibromyalgia.

I did consider not doing the ME/fibro thing. But it’d be hard not to talk about it in this blog. If I’m to be honest, then it’s a part of me. It’s shaped my life massively. Relationships, travel, work, writing... hard to imagine any of it being the same if I’d been a healthy person. It’s shaped this blog post, after all.

But there’s all the rest as well. You know, science, politics, life, art.

It’d be my pleasure if you to stick around and share that with me.

I’m Mark. Pleased to meet you.


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