Saturday, 11 May 2013

Black Horse Westerns - February 2013

Mr Gunn by Tyler Hatch


He was called 'Mr Gunn'. A good name, he'd earned it - but it wasn't his name. That was the trouble: he didn't know who he was. He learned he had once been called 'Laredo' but it stirred no memories. There were other names, too - so many he seriously thought of carrying a notebook to write them in - One of them surely must tell him why so many men wanted him dead. But he had to learn his true name, even if it meant he could face a hangman's noose when he did.

Tom Rider's Reckoning by Rob Hill


A group of men who founded a prosperous cattle town are to be called to account for something they thought was long buried. After a local lawbreaker blows the cover from their abhorrent nest of lies, Sheriff Tom Rider finds himself accused of looking the other way. Faced with the realization that his closest friends are guilty of unspeakable atrocities, Rider is forced to accept that he has been manipulated and betrayed. Can he find out exactly what went on? Will he have the courage to admit his part in the cover-up which, until now, he had not known he played?

Crooked Creek by Greg Mitchell  


Raiders are terrorizing the buffalo range, wiping out hunters' camps and stealing skins. 'Notso' Wise, a former Texas Ranger, is recruited by a private detective agency to bring the thieves to justice. Doubts exist that the local lawmen are pursuing the raiders with sufficient vigour and Notso also doubts his ability to take the more subtle approach that the new job requires. The raiders are led by Jim Hardiman, a ruthless villain who uses a network of illegal informers backed by cold-blooded murder. It is not long before Notso attracts his attention. While running Hardiman's gang to earth, the detective draws on his ability to ride hard and shoot straight...

Black Gold by Dale Graham  


Some crimes are too heinous to go unpunished. Morgan Clancy seeks the man responsible for the deaths of a great number of men, including his younger brother. When the trail leads him to Bluestone Creek, Colorado, his search for justice becomes entwined with the plight of several farmers and one local rancher. Clancy's battle escalates when his meddling uncovers a theft of cattle and endangers the lives of a young woman, her sister and father. The stakes are lethal and when the final battle comes, Clancy discovers his trail of vengeance may cost all four of them their lives...

A Thunder of Guns by Clay Starmer  


For Jeb Sullivan, racked with despair over the deaths of his wife and child, there seems little to live for. He seeks to join his lost love in the afterlife, challenging any thug, hoodlum and quick-draw to achieve that end. But his arrival in Driftwood changes everything and soon he's in love with the feisty, man-dressing T.J. Griffin and accepts the sheriff's badge. Now his daily battle is to stay alive. In this lawless corner of the West, a tinderbox of tensions flashes into war. It's a storm of anger that Jeb must quell: it's a thunder of guns...

Last Day in Paradise by Paul Green  


When professional gambler Jimmy 'the kid' Casey beats the spoiled son of wealthy ranch owner Jack Hartigan in a game of poker, he is forced to shoot the young man dead in self defence. Hartigan vows revenge and the footloose card player flees the town of Paradise, only to find himself pursued by a gang of ruthless killers, led by the crafty and determined Abe Morgan. Things become more complicated when the gang captures Jimmy's fiancee and renegade Apaches go on the warpath. His only option is to return to a town ruled by fear and settle his score with Hartigan once and for all...

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