Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Review of Genesis Gunplay by John Davage

Cody McCade rides into Genesis looking to uncover the truth about the sudden disappearance of the town's previous sheriff and the mystery of a young man's homestead, razed to the ground just before his wedding. But when up against local thugs and the powerful but deadly Shaw family he realizes it will take more than asking around to get any answers. And the townsfolk have another mystery on their hands: just who is Cody McCade and what brings him to Genesis?

BOOKS MONTHLY SAYS: You'd have to say that this is a story that might feature the enigmatic (but now quite mad) Clint Eastwood in the starring role. Excellent characters make for a hugely enjoyable Western, with faultless dialogue and extremely competent descriptions of the town of Genesis. First class entertainment.

This review appeared originally in Books Monthly

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Anonymous said...

Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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