Saturday, 18 May 2013

E-BHWs - February 2013

The Devil's Payroll by Paul Green


John Harrison, a lawyer turned bounty hunter, finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue after capturing fugitive outlaw Clay Barton. He is persuaded by the beautiful Maggie Sloane to allow Barton to lead them to the loot robbed from an army payroll. But things get complicated when Barton double-crosses them and Maggie is kidnapped by the mysterious Leo Gabriel. With the veteran buffalo soldier, Sergeant Eli Johnson, at his side, Harrison battles ruthless vaqueros and a Commanche war party to recover the money, re-capture Barton and rescue Maggie. However, a further surprise awaits him when he finally catches up with his enemies.

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Fury at Troon's Ferry by Mark Bannerman


Darkness was taking hold as he strode purposefully up the street. The air was cold, bringing a shiver to his spine and all the stores were closed and the sidewalks quiet. The only sounds came from the saloon; the desultory notes of a piano, the clink of glasses, the raucous voices of men and the shrill laughter of women. His wife, Leah, had once told him that nothing was achieved by violence. Now he was convinced that she’d been wrong. The desire to inflict vengeance brought the bitter taste of bile to his mouth. Before bullets started flying, as surely they must, would he be able to extract the truth from the man he sought…and despised?

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Guns on the Wahoo by George Prescott


Fargo Reilly arrives in the town of Verdad de Soleil just as the local rancher, Lucas Carter, looks set to tighten his stranglehold. Reilly seems like a harmless drifter, but after demonstrating his skill with a Colt on Carter’s son and thrashing the hulking ranch foreman, things begin to change. In truth, Reilly is a federal marshal. Events take a tangled course and Reilly must use some double dealing and chicanery. Only then can he silence Carter and the Guns on the Wahoo.

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The Drifter's Revenge by Owen G. Irons


The job in the Montana timber camp for the railroad meant nothing to the drifter, Riley. It was just another paycheck as he rambled west toward Oregon. But then he had seen the railroad company men gun down his friend Ben Comfrey over seventy-four dollars. Ben had a widow and a son needing that money to get them through a hard winter and so Riley took a hand. The railroad bosses first tried to laugh him off, then they tried to kill him. With fury in his heart and a capable gun in hand, Riley now went after them instead. He had set his mind on vengeance and was going to pursue it to the end of the line.

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Tall Rider by Joseph John McGraw


When Reuben Calthrop shoots an unarmed range-rider because he was bested in a horse race, he starts a chain of events that can only end one way: with spilled blood. Bart Chandler, a farm boy who is handy with a gun but no killer, sets out to avenge the cold-blooded murder of his brother. But Bart is not the first to go after Calthrop, who has cut down many who came looking for retribution. It will take a man who rides tall in the saddle to settle the score. Is Bart Chandler that Tall Rider?

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