Friday, 17 April 2009

April's Dales Westerns

Jim Bowden - Roaring Valley
(Apparently not a BHW reprint. Original from 1962)
On his way home from New Mexico, Dan McCoy, Sheriff of Red Springs, comes to the rescue of Pat Goddard, only to find he has interfered in a domestic affair. Later, when she tries to get a message to him, Dan's curiosity is aroused and he finds himself helping to solve the murder of the owner of Roaring Valley. Russ Stanton, boss of the neighbouring Broken C, wants to gain full control of the whole range and Roaring Valley plays a key part in his plans. Double crossing, rustling and murder are all part of the malicious schemes Dan uncovers.

Daniel Rockfern - Manhunt In Quemado
Nix was a gun-runner and a killer. He turned Angel's sidekick loose - naked and unarmed - into the Valley of Death. Nix promised to come after him some time. Angel's mission was to find his friend's killer - but history repeated itself, and it was Angel who was alone in the desert. The hunter became the hunted.

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