Monday, 13 April 2009

Bestsellers on

Please note this is the list on the .com site and not the site. I'm posting this in the spirit of providing a bit of weekly variety, but I don't think many people buy their BHWs from there.

1. Brogan: Blood Money by L.D. Tetlow
2. Call Me Ringo by Hank J Kirby
3. Massacre at Bluff Point by I.J. Parnham
4. Dakota Wolf by Clayton Nash
5. Gunsmoke Mountain by Owen G. Irons
6. The Crooked Sheriff by John Dyson
7. The Left-Hand Path by Jack Gallagher
8. Hells Canyon by John Hunt
9. Guns of the Pony Express by T.M. Dolan
10. Incident at Butler's Station by Richard Wyler



Great to see the BHW line selling outside the UK in any case - I assume this is the US is it?

I.J. Parnham said...

Yeah, the dotcom site is the U.S. one.