Wednesday, 22 April 2009

April's Linford Westerns

Tom Benson - The Duel At Murphy's Ford
Eli Riley is the marshal of Murphy's Ford, a copper mining town. But when the town's water supply is poisoned, the copper company is blamed. Then trouble starts: two prominent citizens are killed and a stranger arrives looking to avenge their deaths. Murphy's Ford is divided, and a vigilante mob heads for the mine owners. Eli, involved in a shoot-out, as the water poisoners become known, faces a growing demand for their lynching. How would it all end?

Skeeter Dodds - Tough Justice
When Ike Durrel robs the bank at Arrow Bend and kidnaps the banker's daughter, Jack Lane is unexpectedly thrown a lifeline to survival after he'd faced certain death. Despite the probability of failure against the outlaw Durrel, it's the only way out of Jack's financial trouble. Faced with an uprising in Indian country, and Ike Durrel and his brother, Ned, he must rescue Emily Watts. Surprisingly, Lane's mission is almost completed - until he is suddenly pitched into deadly danger...

Owen G. Irons - Six Days To Sundown
When his horse is shot dead, Casey Storm is forced to brave a high plains blizzard. Stumbling upon a wagon train of Montana settlers, he helps them to fight their way toward the new settlement of Sundown. But gunmen hired by a land-hungry madman follow. Now the wagon train's progress seems thwarted by their pursuers and the approaching winter. With only six bloody days to reach Sundown, will Casey's determination win through to let them claim their land?

Jim Lawless - Saratoga
Pinkerton operative Temple Bywater arrives in Saratoga, Wyoming facing a mystery: who murdered Senator Andrew Stone? Was it his successor, Nathan Wedge? Or were lawyers Forrest and Millard Jackson, and Marshal Tom Gaines involved? Bywater, along with his sidekick Clarence Sugg, and Texas Jack Logan, faces gunmen whose allegiances are unknown. The showdown comes in Saratoga. Will he come out on top in a bloody gun fight against an adversary who is not only tough, but also completely unforeseen?

Chap O'keefe - Peace At Any Price
Jim Hunter and Matt Harrison's Double H ranch thrived...till their crew marched away to war's glory, and outlaws destroyed everything and murdered oldster Walt Burridge. When the war ended, the two Hs started over. However, for Jim, war had wrought changes beyond endurance. So Jim rode out and into the arms of his wartime love, the gun-running adventuress Lena-Marie Baptiste. Now, trapped by his vow to avenge Old Walt, he must choose between enmity and love, life and death.

Corba Sunman - Hell's Courtyard
Indian Territory, popularly called Hell's Courtyard, was where bad men fled to escape the law. Buck Rogan, a deputy marshal hunting the killer Jed Calder, found the trail leading into Hell's Courtyard and went after his quarry, finding every man's hand against him. Rogan was also searching for the hideout of Jake Yaris, an outlaw running most of the lawlessness directed at Kansas and Arkansas. Single-minded and capable, Rogan would fight the bad men to the last desperate shot.

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Chap O'Keefe said...

I was pleased to see Peace at Any Price back in print with a fine cover pic by Michael Thomas. You can see it and read a review here:
Gonzalo Baeza at the much-missed Saddlebums Western Review called it "the quintessential action-packed western".
Of my standalone novels, it's a personal favourite. I like the level of emotion and high drama the situation of the three principals allowed in the aftermath of war. A climactic shootout that takes place as a hurricane strikes the Gulf Coast gave further opportunities to try something a little different. It would make a spectacular movie!
By the way, when buying large-prints, it pays to shop around. . .