Friday, 24 April 2009

April's Black Horse Westerns

War Smoke - Michael D. George
Marshal Matt Fallen was faced with a series of horrific murders in the town of War Smoke. Yet these were not like others killings in the history of the remote Nevada settlement. Someone was brutally clubbing innocent men, women and even children to death with their six shooters. With so many strangers in War Smoke it was impossible to find the culprit yet Fallen was determined to get to the bottom of the slayings. Who was the murderer? A body had been discovered each night for two weeks. As the sun set the marshal vowed to get his man. A showdown was brewing. Fallen was ready.

Comanche Country - Greg Mitchell
Joe Kelly has bought a half share in Travis Neal's ranch in an area reputed to be Comanche territory. While searching for his missing partner, Kelly encounters a Comanche war party, three former Confederate soldiers fleeing a killing in Mexico, the Mayne family and a renegade gang. The arrival of a self-promoting US marshal adds to their problems. Kelly and the Maynes must face hostile Indians, white murderers and a fanatical lawman before they can claim their respective ranches. Then, when their troubles appear to be behind them, another problem arises. Suddenly there is the danger that friends will fall out. More lead will fly before the situation is finally resolved...

The Bullion Trail - Ed Hapgood
The mission should have been an easy one: deliver a hundred bars of gold to a bank in the Mexican town of San Caldiz. Sergeant Tom Benson was to lead the mission since he spoke Spanish and his ex-wife was a Mexican.But the gold never arrived. Tom took the blame and was cashiered from the army. In his attempt to prove his innocence he was helped by the Colonel's niece, the attractive Emily.There were to be shoot-outs with Mexican outlaws and Apaches and much blood was to be spilled before Tom could win through.

McGuire Manhunter - Scott Connor
Manhunter Jim McGuire hung up his gun and settled in White Ridge aiming to live a quiet life, but his past profession soon called him back. His young charge Billy Jameson was wrongly accused of murder and the only way to save him from the gallows was to take on an assignment from the corrupt Mayor Jake Nixon. But finding the on-the-run thief Barney Dale wasn't as straightforward as it seemed. Barney was the only witness to a murder committed by Nixon and unbeknown to Jim the mayor has hired ruthless guns to ensure that as soon as he finds Barney both of their lives will be cut short. With the manhunter becoming the hunted man, can Jim defeat the many guns Nixon has lined up against him?

On the Great Plains - Logan Winters
A haunted cabin in the middle of the wild great plains? Not exactly, but that was the way the pretty little slip of a girl, Kate McCallister, characterised it when young Ben Flowers appeared to take possession of the property. When she showed him the hundred or so bullet holes in the cabin walls, he understood what she meant. The place was shadowed by many violent memories, and some of them were to return to haunt it again. It was Ben's first and maybe only chance to build a life of his own, and if it was necessary, he was determined to fight off the spectres of the past with the cold steel of his own guns.

Rawhide Ransom - Tyler Hatch
Cole was a good sheriff, may be a mite too lenient at times, but when the chips were down, the town of Barberry fully appreciated his prowess with guns and fists. But he didn't know there was a tragedy in his past that would affect his actions - until a local boy was kidnapped while Cole was supposed to be guarding him. And the only one who could deliver the ransom was Cole himself.

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