Monday, 1 June 2009

Bestsellers at Waterstones

I have no idea how many BHWs Waterstones sell, but this is their bestseller list:

1. Missouri Avenger - Clayton Nash
2. Bounty Hunter's Revenge - Ep Hapgood
3. The Ten Per Cent Gang - I.J. Parnham
4. Savage: Manhunter - Sydney J. Bounds
5. The Brand Burners - Walt Keene
6. West of Eden - Mike Stall
7. Silver Gulch Feud - Scott Connor
8. The Whiskey Wagon - Tom Benson
9. Come See me Hang - Chad Hammer
10. Winter Kill - Frank Roderus

1 comment:

Ray said...

This came as a bit of a surprise.
Last March when we had the last Wild West Monday I wrote to Waterstones about the lack of westerns and BHWs in their shops and one their site.
Now they produce a bestseller list.
Is this proof that Wild West Monday works?