Thursday, 25 June 2009

Black Horse Westerns - June 2009

The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin
All Sheriff Cole Masters wants is to raise a family with the woman he loves. However upholding the law in an era when gunfire speaks louder than words can be a risky business.Cole makes an arrest for the brutal murder of a saloon girl but the killer is the son of a wealthy rancher and it is clear the old man will do anything to see his son set free. Soon the peace of the small town is shattered with deadly force and Cole finds himself a lawman on the run for murder.The rancher wants Masters dead and the two deadly gunmen on his tail are sure they can do it. Soon blood will run as Cole Masters attempts to reclaim his tarnished star.

Death Range by Elliot Long
Bullet-scarred Jack Cain figured he was through cleaning up gun-crazy ranges and wild cow towns. He called it a day and headed for Montana to buy a small spread and raise cows. But a hundred miles' up-country, ten-year-old Ethan Wilder stepped out of the bushes and told him his ma was badly shot up and near to dying. Would he come take a look?Barely two hours on Cain was lucky to survive the hail of lead that sizzled out of the rocks right at him. Not only that, what followed that ambush turned out to be Jack Cain's surprising encounter with the grim reaper. Could he survive?

The .45 Goodbye by Dempsey Clay
Rich and ruthless Foley Wardlaw ruled the town, the mines, the valley and everyone in it - but for his wife. Rhea was beautiful and dangerous and when fast gun Ryan Coder came to town on Wardlaws' payroll to impose order, it instead proved the flame that touched off a powder keg of violence to threaten them all - even the deadly man of the gun himself.

Lanigan and the She-wolf by Ronald Martin Wade
A surprisingly composed father hires Shawnee Lanigan to track down the bank robbers who abducted his 18-year old daughter, Sara Beth. Later, Lanigan learns the gang is all female and is led by the ruthless 'La Loba'. Despite grave misgivings, he tracks the gang to a hideout in the west Texas mountains. There, he is staggered to learn the real reason for the girl's kidnapping.After reporting his failure to rescue the girl, he takes a job supervising security for a mining operation. Then he unveils a plot and must ultimately face a vengeful lynch mob. He knows that not all of them can make it out alive.

Showdown at Bonawa - Alan Irwin
Jake Bannister, ex-deputy sheriff, and his brother Ward, run the Diamond B cattle ranch in Colorado. When Ward goes missing and tries to buy quarter horses from the Circle Dot horse ranch in New Mexico Territory, Jake sets out to solve the mystery of his brother's disappearance.He finds Ward's body buried in the ground between Delano, in the Texas Panhandle, and the Circle Dot. He establishes who exactly had murdered Jake.Now, accompanied by Marian Redford, whose father had also been slain by ranch criminals, Jake set out to bring the gang to justice. Can they possibly succeed in this most daunting task? Lead will surely fly!

The Outpost by Owen G. Irons
Cameron Black figured he was due for some luck. With a posse on his trail and the desert crawling with hostile Indians he finally managed to make it to the isolated army outpost. The trouble was the post was manned only by a skeleton crew of weary soldiers, among them three would-be deserters waiting for a chance to steal the army payroll.Also trapped inside by circumstances were a US marshal Black had known on the back trail, his young prisoner and a group of female camp-followers. Among them was Cameron's old-time lover.Even with the Comanches gearing up to attack the outpost, Cameron felt like making a dash across the desert, because there was nothing here but certain trouble.

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