Monday, 8 June 2009

Bestsellers on - 8 June

1. Misfit Lil Gets Even by Chap O'Keefe (Nov 2006)
New £10.13
2 Market from £6.25

2. Comes the Reaper by B.J. Holmes (Mar 1995)
11 Market from £0.01

3. Hills of Blood by Frank Weight (April 2000)
5 Market from £5.85

4. Long Shadows by Terry James (May 2009)
New £9.80
10 Market from £7.08

5. Rocking W by Gillian F. Taylor (Aug 1993)
5 Market from £4.95

6. Stampede at Rattlesnake Pass by Clay More (Jun 2007)
New £11.99
6 Market from £8.98

7. Lockwood's Law by Carter West (Nov 2000)
5 Market from £2.45

8. Thunder God's Gold by Leo P. Kelley (Oct 1991)
3 Market from £3.00

9. Misfit Lil Rides in by Chap O'Keefe (Jul 2006)
11 Market from £3.99

10. The Sharpshooter by Daniel Ransom (Aug 1998)
2 Market from £8.00

N.B. I've been asked to clarify Amazon's postal charges. I won't add this note again as the bestseller list is meant to be a bit of fun, so please don't hold me responsible if you pay an unexpected postal charge!

If you buy from Amazon, the postal terms depend on where you live. If you're in the U.K., you may get free postage. If you're not in the U.K., you will pay postage.

If you buy through the third-party marketplace then please accept that I haven't checked these retailers' credentials. So the books could be in any state from chewed up by the dog, set fire to, and buried in the garden through to new. You will have to pay postage of £2.75 in the U.K. and more elsewhere in the world.


Joanne Walpole said...

Thanks, Ian.

Chap O'Keefe said...

A very wisely worded note, Ian! I bought a western anthology from a marketplace retailer at the Amazon US site. Listed in allegedly "as new" condition, it came with: bumped covers; a damaged, clipped wrapper with the stickers and the remains of stickers affixed by previous sellers; a red-ink remaindering mark; a birthday greeting on the flyleaf. By astonishing coincidence, the greeting was to another "Keith" from his Mom and Dad on July 6, 1999.