Friday, 19 June 2009

Linford Westerns - June 2009

The Revenge of Iron Eyes by Rory Black
Infamous bounty hunter Iron Eyes arrives in Silver Springs on the trail of two deadly outlaws who have already killed and maimed dozens of people inside the town's hotel before fleeing. Two other bounty hunters are also after the same prey, as Iron Eyes heads out into Apache country after the outlaws. Unlike the others in pursuit, what drives Iron Eyes isn't the prices on the outlaw's heads. This time it's personal: the revenge of Iron Eyes.

The Dakota Deal by Dan Claymaker
Escaped prisoner John McCallum's discovery of a deserted cabin and a dead body provides an opportunity to assume a new identity, and different clothing. But McCallam doesn't know the nature of the man he's become. The people of North Bend mistake McCallum for the notorious gunman, Frank Chater, hired to rid the town of the growing menace of Royce Chisholm and his sadistic sidekicks. Has he exchanged one prison for another? Or can he escape both?

Lightning at the Hanging Tree by Mark Falcon
Mike Clancey was the name inside the rider's watch, but many people during his travels called him Lightning. He was too late to stop a hanging, the men were far away when he reached the lonely swinging figure of a middle-aged man. Then a youth rode up and Lightning found out that the hanged man was his father. So why had he been hanged? Soon the two were to ride together in a pitiless search for the killers.

A Gunfight Too Many by Chap O'Keefe
Sheriff Sam Hammond, nearing his half-century, sometimes wonders just why he became a lawman. Then the troubles really begin: firstly he narrowly escapes death after a gun battle with rustlers; then the gun-handy range detective Herb Hopkirk shoots dead a rash cowpoke, cripples Sam's deputy, Clint Freeman, and pesters rancher John Snyder's daughter, Sarah. When a mysterious bank robber and a man-hungry widow add to his headaches, is it time for him to quit before he winds up dead?

Yuma Breakout by Jeff Sadler & B.J. Holmes
Horseless and down to his last dollar, out-of-work cowpuncher Nahum Crabtree ended up in the small town of Rios. After a spell in jail, he thought his fortunes had improved when a freighting outfit took him on, especially when one of his bosses turned out to be an attractive young woman. Yes, everything was going well - until he became unwittingly involved in springing a convict from Yuma Penitentiary. And that was only the beginning of his troubles...

Rogue Law by Logan Winters
The corrupt town of Montero wanted Julius Lang as marshal, but he refused the work as too dangerous and no job for an upright man. When persuasion didn't work, the town took Lang's ranch from him. And when pretty Matti Ullman arrived to lay claim to his land, Lang, needing to earn a living, was forced into the marshal's job. So Montero got Lang as their marshal - and they expected compliance - but what they got was rogue law...

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