Monday, 23 November 2009

Bestsellers at The Book Depository - 23 November

This week the Lance Howard, sorry, bestseller chart is from The Book Depository. Please note that at the moment pre-ordered titles have a 25% discount.

1. Nightmare Pass by Lance Howard

2. Savage's Quest by Sydney Bounds

3. Hell Pass by Lance Howard

4. Haunted Pass by Lance Howard

5. Overland Stage by Logan Winters

6. Blood Creek by Lance Howard

7. Winters' War by Matthew Mayo

8. Last Chance Saloon by Ross Morton

9. Draw Down the Lightning by Ben Bridges

10. Death at Bethesda Falls by Ross Morton


Laurie Powers said...

Congrats to everyone on the list!

Nik said...

Congratulations, Howard... Good to see Matt there, too. It's a while since I've seen the book depository listing; glad to see it's back. I wonder if the release of AFOL will have any effect...?


Course old Lance is a great writer