Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Linford Westerns - November 2009

The Gun Hand by Robert Anderson
Johnny Royal had lived on his wits and his gun after leaving home following a foolish argument. Returning home, however, he finds the neighbourhood is threatened by rustlers and outlaws. He meets a local rancher, the beautiful Sarah, whose uncle's past criminal deeds have returned to haunt them. Now, Johnny, Sarah and the ranch foreman must blaze a path of destruction against the forces searching for her uncle's ill-gotten gains, in the teeth of the outlaw's meanest gunslingers.

Trail To Fort Laramie by Jack Edwardes
Jack Latimer has been sheriff of Beaver Creek for ten years. He's content collecting taxes and throwing drunken cowboys out of the saloon on Saturday nights. His Navy Colt is used only to win the annual shooting contest. Then, when the bridge on the trail to Fort Laramie is closed, Beaver Creek explodes into violence as hired killers arrive and ruthless men target Latimer. To survive he'll need to think fast and shoot straight.

Dakota Death by Billy Hall
Cotton Lang, astride his horse, knew it could be suicide to ride across the open stretch of ground. Yet his promised bride was in great peril from the twisted love of an insane suitor. Could he yet save her? Braced against the expected volley of bullets, he spurred his mount on. Now dangerously exposed and riding low and fast, nothing less than a miracle would let him survive to even learn his sweetheart's fate.

Wildcats by Tyler Hatch
He'd lived among whites for thirty years, yet there was a lot of Indian in Jim Santee. His gunspeed and ready fists made him a good and loyal friend - or bodyguard. Governor Burdin blessed the day he hired him. That was until Santee failed a crucial assignment. To make amends, Santee tore the Territory apart and ran the killer down, but shock developments raised serious doubts...and no gunfighter should reach for his guns if he's unsure of his target.

Hot Lead, Cold Heart by Matthew P. Mayo
His Honor Newland Pontiff III, late of Exeter Territorial Prison, presides over Cayuse Falls and his vast tract of land. He has ambitious plans for the town, but a demon from his past looms on the horizon... Mason, mankiller and vigilante hero, has come to settle one last score with the man who'd wronged the famous 'killer of killers'. Nothing will stop him from seeing this last mission through to its end - an end he knows he won't survive.

Rawhide Rider by Dale Mike Rogers
Seasoned gunfighter Rawhide Jones quits working for Diamond Jim Brady to start a new life as a lawman, far from Laredo, in the border town of Santa Maria. But Brady sets his gunmen on Jones's trail to kill him: nobody quits Diamond Jim Brady and lives to tell the tale. Can Rawhide Jones turn the tables on his evil boss? With the help of Marshal Ethan Parker and his two sons, Jones tries to do the impossible and live.

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