Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Latest edition of Black Horse Extra available

Issue #16 available at: Black Horse Extra

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Chap O'Keefe said...

The general release date for the December-February Extra was intended to be a few days away yet, Ian! The edition currently available at the basic URL (without the suffix) is the September-November edition. But never mind -- eager BHW devotees will never be turned away, and thank you for the link.

The preview of the next edition is on the servers now mainly because it's the simplest way to make it available to contributors (eight this time) of the features, news tidbits and opinions who then have a chance to send corrections or adjustments.

Feedback so far is very positive. One BHW writer says: "What is there to say? Once again a top-notch effort that hits quite a few nails very accurately right on the noggin. Good, absorbing articles that SAY something: good or bad, according to whoever reads them, but there's meat there, mate, and always a pleasure to read. Not bullshitting - I sat down at the computer to have a 'quick look' at the Extra and then push along with chapter 5 of my next book. Hey! I'm still here - an hour later and haven't even noticed the time passing."