Saturday, 21 November 2009

Dales Westerns - November 2009

All Guns Blazing by Doug Thorne
Cal Hennessy was on his way to meet up with old friend Billy Dixon at Adobe Walls. The plan was to catch up on each other's news over a beer or three, but before he got there he ran into two dead men and a bunch of blood-hungry Comaches. Trouble was brewing on the staked plains of Texas and Hennessey, who was no stranger to it, quickly found himself right in the middle of a full-scale Indian war. Gun-swift as he was, would even he survive the killing to come?

Desperate Men by Corba Sunman
Deputy Sheriff Matt Cameron was worried as he rode back to town after unsuccessfully hunting rustlers. Lawlessness was on the increase, and Matt had heard that his brother Buck was riding with Eli Kimber's gang. He had warned Buck off years earlier and his brother had dropped out of sight. Now it seemed Buck was back on the crooked trail. Matt also had a showdown looming in the shape of Hulk Grayson, the bullying town slaughterman. Trouble piled up when he found Ben Turner, the liveryman, murdered, and when he caught up with Buck. Now it would all flare into deadly action.

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