Saturday, 27 October 2012

Amos Carr's new blog

I am a writer of Western novels, but am also working on a contemporary Romance at present, (hence blog title).

My Westerns are written under the pen name of 'Amos Carr' (an amalgam of two great-great grandparents) although my real name, is Jill McDonald-Constable. I am one of only four women in the U.K, who write Westerns for Robert Hale, under the imprint of 'Black Horse Westerns'.

I also have a website you can visit, which carries 'blurbs' and excerpts of my published works, and works in progress. Go to

Sounds like a strange title, but there is a reason. I tell you that reason on my site.

As this is my first page, I'm not really sure just what to put on, I need to do a bit more research on other blogs, to give you something exciting to read. I'm really looking forward to chatting to some of you, and talking about my work, and that of other authors, and craft workers, as I also create hand crafted cards, charted cross stitch pictures, gift boxes, and other craft items.  

Read more at Bullets and Hearts

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