Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New author website for D.M. Harrison

I write about the Wild West.

The cowboys were larger than life characters living in a splendid backdrop of snowcapped mountains and endless prairies.

A spectacular stage for real folk heroes.

There was a beauty and grandeur waiting for those brave, or foolish enough to cross from east to west of America. But it was a tough land only to be conquered by those not afraid of hard work and willing to shape a new life for themselves.

Although the pioneers of the Western frontier forged new boundaries, the Indian Nations were displaced. It heralded a battle only one side would win.

Men led the way in pursuit of gold but the women followed. They took a large part in the making of the West.

The Western genre covers a short period from the gold rush of 1849 through to the time the West was tamed in the late 1800’s.

A short, but action packed time in history.

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