Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Gillian F. Taylor to publish Blakes 7 story

My hazy mix of profic and fanfic takes another twist. Like not a few writers, I started with fan fiction, writing Blakes 7 stories back in about 1980. No one else ever saw those, and for a good reason. Still, we all have to start somewhere.

After watching 'Young Guns', I wondered what the three surviving characters did next, and so wrote their story. My first grown-up full-length novel was effectively fanfic. I knew it couldn't be published as so obviously Young Guns inpsired, so I made some changes (filed off the serial numbers, in fan terms) and submitted it to Robert Hale. It was too long, but they were encouraging, so I kept the central characters and wrote a new story which became my first published book, 'Rocking W'...

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