Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Black Horse Westerns - September 2012

Domingo's Trail by Greg Mitchell

Vicious Mexican bandit, Estrada, is holding an American to ransom in the Sabinas Valley and has arranged for two different expeditions to come and shower him with gold in return for a safe release. But vengeful Apaches appear and also a mysterious Mexican, named Domingo, who warns that the captive is dead and that Estrada means to slaughter them all. With the combined ransom parties now joined in their mission, they are ready for bloody battle with both Indians and bandits. Can Domingo's advice be trusted? And will all who follow his perilous trail survive?

Kill Slaughter by Henry Remington

When a California train is robbed of $30,000, and two Pinkerton detectives killed, bounty hunter James Slaughter rides to investigate. But a cloud of fear hangs over the railroad town of Visalia and even the judge is running scared.

Choking Gap by John Joseph McGraw

Luther Hayes, brutal boss of a gang of jayhawkers, is plenty sore at Daco Ward for giving the evidence that put him behind bars for thirty years. When he is sprung from jail he goes looking for Daco, to settle the score, but failing to find him, Daco's wife gets the bullet instead. Prepared to follow Hayes all the way to hell to get his revenge, Daco's trail is hard and long, but a partnership with big Tondu Adams lightens the load and the pair are soon on course to wreak havoc on Hayes and bring the brute to justice.

High Noon in Snake Ridge by Scott Connor

After serving ten years in jail, a reformed Matthew Jennings returns to Snake Ridge to reconcile with his respectable family, but he finds his brother lying dead and his father won't speak to him. To track down his brother's killer, he secures a position as deputy town marshal, but when he follows the evidence it leads to a man who must be innocent - his own father. Worse is to follow when a feuding outlaw gives him an ultimatum to leave town by noon or die. Facing a race against time to uncover the truth and with a mysterious gunslinger haunting his every move, Matthew's resolve to turn his back on his past will be tested to breaking point before he faces a high noon showdown.

Wild Justice by P. McCormac

When five men, led by notorious killer Ernest Jones, flee from a posse, they cause untold havoc and destruction. After killing a farmer and ravishing his daughter Gwendolyn, they flee. The ordeal has left Gwendolyn with a thirst for vengeance and, concealing her gender, she rides out in hot pursuit. Finding a job with Sheriff Humphrey Quigley, Gwendolyn is persuaded to infiltrate the Jones gang in order to deliver them to the sheriff and to the gallows. But violence and death dog every step as Gwendolyn fights to survive among the brutal outlaws, whose motto is shoot first and fast. Can she keep her identity secret long enough to bring these thugs to justice?

The Phantom Rider by Walt Keene

A mysterious killer is roaming the plains, an albino rider full of hatred, riding into each town hell bent on killing as many men, women and children as he can. In the blood of his victims is scrawled the same message ... The Phantom.

Johnny Dollar by Tony Masero

They called him Johnny Dollar. An orphan child raised by a preacher and destined to run foul of the law it's bloody murder that keeps Johnny running, with trouble on his tail. Riding shotgun into Julesville, he finds a pretty schoolteacher set to win his love. But in the shadows, the Hellblazing Gang are waiting, determined to steal something a sight more valuable than a man's heart. The gang holds a secret which is part of Johnny's past and the key to his future, and to gain his freedom Johnny Dollar has to pay a murderous price, one which is delivered in hot lead instead of greenbacks...

Fargo's Legacy by Tyler Hatch

Craig Fargo was barely fifteen years old when he killed his first man. By doing so he saved his father's life - but only for a few more minutes. And in those minutes he was committed to a quest that would take him eight brutal years to complete. The road is long when you're alone, and that first dead man had a lot of company as Fargo's legacy kept his fists ready and his guns blazing. But when he reached the end of the trail and the gunsmoke cleared, his legacy was not what he expected...

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