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Black Horse Westerns - December 2012

Sudden Death by Corba Sunman

Lew Harper receives news that his father is having trouble and spares no time getting back there to help him out. But Lew is too late and the Circle H ranch is in the grip of a stranger. Looking for explanations, Harper finds himself in an unexpected ambush and his troubles escalate wildly, taking a strange turn when he discovers that his father has actually been missing for three years. Every way he turns the mystery deepens and, when the shooting starts, sudden death is on the cards, and it won't stop until Lew has all the answers...

Hell Come Calling by Josh Lockwood

Big Jim Wolfe rode into the town of Greasewood wanting nothing more than a hot meal and a good night's sleep but instead found himself defending a family of Mexican sheep-herders against a power-hungry cattle baron. With a crew of hired guns backing him, Jack Whelan had the town totally under his control and was ready to launch an all out bloodbath in order to gain the rest of the valley. But the one thing he hadn't counted on was the deep-seated sense of right and wrong that Jim Wolfe lived by. He wasn't a man to go looking for trouble, but he certainly wouldn't walk away from it...

Cody's Fight by Caleb Rand

Mel Cody travelled over a thousand miles to visit his father's Arizona homeland, but upon his arrival he is forced to intervene when local thugs cruelly set upon an old man in the street. The area's most powerful rancher, Casper Spool, does not appreciate Cody's interference and they become mutual enemies. So, when Rebecca Church arrives in town, intending to work a rundown plot of inherited land, and puts a stumbling block in the path of Spool's ruthless advance across the territory, both Mel and Rebecca must join forces and fight their common enemy. But with the odds stacked against them, can they overcome Spool and his cronies whilst protecting the land, and each other?

Lawless Guns by Mary Duggan

Imprisoned for murder, innocent Luther Larkin feels only resentment towards the town of Bitter Root and its lawman. But when an unexpected confession sets Luther free he finds himself drawn back to his boyhood home, and pretty soon trouble, in the form of Marcus Cooper, a neighbouring rancher, seeks him out. But Luther is determined to prove to the town that he is no longer a kid to be pushed around. And he isn't the only one who has been drawn back to Bitter Root: deranged killer Donald Ricket has a score to settle with the town, and only Luther stands between him and his goal.

Nine Dead Men by Walter L. Bryant

Ten years after his life is saved, Jason drifts into Inspiration. He believes fate has given him the opportunity to repay the debt when he hears of the leader of an outlaw gang, Adam One-Ear. But fate has dealt him a dangerous hand and he must use all his skills with gun and fist to remain alive, especially when up against two ranch-workers who want him dead. His determination to meet Adam is complicated by the intervention of a sheriff who wants to kill the outlaw, a young man seeking revenge for an old injustice, and the abduction of the rancher's daughter. And by the time Jason, the sheriff and Adam meet for the final time, nine men will have died...

The Headhunters by Mark Bannerman

Elmer Carrington, former Captain of the Texas Rangers, is the victim of a horrendous crime committed by the Mexican bandit, Mateo. Accompanied by Daniel Ramos, another victim of Mateo, the pair set off in pursuit of the man they hate. With the trail leading them deep into Mexico, through dangerous mountains and blistering desert, they encounter terrifying hazards and unforeseen enemies. But nothing has prepared them for the treachery and torture that awaits them when Carrington is given a hideous task. Failure to carry it out threatens death for both him and Daniel Ramos...

Devine by I. J. Parnham

Pinkerton detective Nimrod Dunn is hired by Lieutenant Governor Maddox Kingsley to infiltrate an outlaw gang, but when Nimrod's cover is blown an innocent life is lost in the raging gun battle. With Nimrod's detective career in tatters, the fearsome US Marshal Jake T. Devine sets about bringing the outlaw Cornelius to justice. Devine always gets his man, but his methods are as brutal as those whom he pursues. So with Devine's blood-soaked trail making a mockery of the Governor's promise to clean up the county, Maddox calls on Nimrod's services once more. And, to resurrect his career, Nimrod must carry out the most dangerous mission yet: to kill Marshal Devine.

Not a Hope in Hell by Hank J. Kirby  

They said he was a trigger-happy sheriff, but when the bad boys came to town nobody complained when he cut loose with his guns. Until the day when two elderly folk are killed during a shoot-out, forcing the sheriff to get out of town and find a new place to make a living. But when things don't work out as planned: the only place to go is back to Texas, where the wanted dodgers await, along with a whole crowd of other enemies.

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