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E-BHWs - October 2012

Devil's Reach by James D. Statham


Clem Darby's quest for a new life brings him to New Orleans to join a Mississippi riverboat. There, he finds a dying man, who asks him to pass a message identifying his ambushers to his gang boss, Ed Keller. But, in doing so, Clem invokes Keller's suspicion and becomes marked for death himself. Meanwhile, Clem learns that Keller is trying to force local girl Amy Hutton into marriage, threatening to kill her grandfather. Joining forces, they flee Keller's men and make for the Huttons' secret gold mine. But now, the word is out and their chances of reaching the mine in Devil's Reach alive become less likely by the minute.

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A Coffin for Santa Rosa by Steve Hayes


Dying of typhoid fever, Ingrid Bjorkman asks Gabriel Moonlight to bury her beside her late husband in Santa Rosa. Knowing he's an outlaw with a rope awaiting him in New Mexico, she makes him promise to hire a Pinkerton to escort the coffin. But Gabriel loves her too much to let anyone else handle the burial and accompanied by her rebellious teenage daughter, Raven, he takes the coffin to Ingrid's former farm where her husband is buried. But the shadow of the rope looms over Gabriel. Faced with betrayal, can he escape with his life?

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Trail of the Hanged Man by Steve Hayes  


Wrangler Ben Lawless knows he was hanged - he has the rope burns around his neck to prove it! But he can't remember who hanged him or why. Nor can he remember how he escaped. Haunted by his missing past, Lawless heads for Arizona to start a new life. On the way, he saves Sheriff Tishman from being hanged by Joey Morgan, provoking Joey's vengeful wrath in the process. Then he helps his attractive neighbour, Ingrid Bjorkman, fight Stillman Stadtlander, a ruthless cattle baron who wants her land. The fight against Stadtlander promises not to be easy, but Lawless will do anything for the beautiful Ingrid. Little does he know that this deadly conflict will begin a series of perilous events that will lead him to the man who hanged him...

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Packing Iron by Steve Hayes    


Rebellious teenager Raven Bjorkman and her widowed mother, Ingrid, save the life of Gabriel Moonlight, an outlaw dying from gunshot wounds. While he's recuperating, they learn he was shot by the son of his enemy, a ruthless rancher named Stadtlander. By the time Gabriel rides off, Raven and Ingrid care deeply for him. But since they are moving to Old Calico, a California mining town, to live with Ingrid's rich brother, Reece, they don't expect to see Gabriel again. But fate decrees that they will be reunited and Gabriel find himself in a perilous situation where only his gun-skills will save the day.
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Savage Rides West by Sydney J. Bounds  


Railroad baron Lew Preston fears his daughter Barbara might be kidnapped on her journey to marry his associate Jerry Crowther. So Savage, Pinkerton's toughest agent, is hired to escort her by rail from Chicago to California. The demure red-headed Barbara is soon revealed as a hellion. "Red" shows she can rough it when the train is wrecked, and she and Savage join a wagon travelling west. Then, a gang of crooks grab Red, and Savage risks his life in rescuing her. He realizes that Red is a reluctant bride, but doggedly continues west with the girl in tow. But on reaching Crowther in San Francisco, they are caught up in a maelstrom of treachery and torture. Has Savage completed his assignment only to find death?

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Savage's Trap by Sydney J. Bounds


When Savage was assigned to uncover evidence against Max Chaney and bring him to trial, he had no idea of the danger he was riding into. Chaney, a Californian politician, was suspected of killing a U.S marshal, and he had Gruber's gang on hand to wipe out any opposition in the run-up to his election as state governor. Surviving an attempt on his life, Savage is left in a coma. Cared for by Dr Perry and a nurse called Tulip, he recovers to find himself hunted by Gruber's gang and the police. Savage's only chance is to bide his time until he can set and spring the trap that will end Chaney's reign of terror.

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Savage's Quest by Sydney J. Bounds


When thirteen-year-old Maggie Magrew asks for help in saving the Circle M from greedy rancher King Granby, Pinkertons send Savage to deal with the situation. He finds himself up against a sheriff owned by Granby, his two vicious sons and Texas Lee, who wants to cut another notch on his gun butt. Then Savage also has to contend with Bea Fletcher...Despite some help from those outside the law, it falls on Savage alone to save the Circle M. Now he must survive a bloody showdown with the Granbys.

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Lawman Without a Gun by Clive Dawson


Frank Kelsey had been a Dodge City marshal, enforcing gun-backed law and order, until the Dexter Brothers gang robbed the city bank and tried to shoot their way out. In the crossfire, Frank accidentally killed a young girl. Guilt-ridden, he'd turned in his star - and his guns - and headed west to seek a new life. Now, when Frank rescued rancher Jim Everley and his daughter, victims of bushwhackers, from death in the desert and led them back to their hometown, he faced a dilemma. Condor was a nest of corruption and in need of a strong lawman; a man like himself. But without a gun his life, and that of the Everleys, is in deadly danger. How Frank finally resolves his dilemma makes for a truly gripping yarn.

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Gunrage at Calder Wells  


Marshal Jim Calladine had been hunting the outlaw Cal Forden, wanted for armed robbery, land thieving and gun-running to the Indians. Then, murder was added to those crimes - with Calladine as the victim. His brother, Steve, set out on a mission of vengeance. Following Jim's trail, Steve joined a wagon train heading west, passing near to Calder Wells where Forden held sway. Steve might never have reached the town had it not been for Melanie Ridgeway, who saved his life when their wagon train came under Indian attack. But, this was only the start of his problems, and if Steve was to survive to face Forden, he was going to need all the help he could get.

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