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Black Horse Westerns - January 2013

Six for Texas by Elliot Long


When Tom Nation was lynched for no good reason there was only Ed Colerich left alive to take the word back to the T bar N on the Brightwater. So when six rode back to Texas, they only had two things on their minds: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. With guns blazing and blood flowing there wasn't one man or woman among them certain to return to the T bar N alive...

Blood on the Range by Colin Bainbridge


Brockley Whin arrives in Blackwater with a reputation as a gunfighter, but whose side is he on in the growing struggle between the biggest ranch, the Forked Lightning, and the smaller ranches, led by Jubal Crossan of the Circle C? His former compadre, Amery Tasker, runs the Forked Lightning, but, much as old loyalties count, from the moment he rescues young Jeb Crossan and his girl from Tasker's gunslicks, Brockley has a tough choice to make. Making that choice and following it through leads him to a decisive shootout before his final face-to-face encounter with Tasker and his own past.

Clancy's Last War by Terrell L. Bowers


After being paid off for delivering horses to the army, Del Gannon and his partner, Johnny Concho, stop off in Yuma. Del aims to quit the tough business of bronc busting and buy an orange farm in California. Johnny holds the money while Del gets cleaned up in readiness for signing the contract, but Johnny is robbed and killed. Bent on revenge, Del finds the killers and rescues a young Indian, Lone Wolf, from their clutches, but one of the killers escapes. Lone Wolf, the son of Yuma Indian chief, Painted Tail, presents Del with some mysterious black stones. The part these stones play in bringing Johnny's killer to justice makes for a breath-taking scenario in a tale of duplicity and courage.

The Reluctant Gun Hand by Logan Winters


 ake Worthy was not born to be a gunman. His sole shooting offence was firing back at a crooked gambler in a Tucson saloon. For that he received a six-month sentence in the notorious Yuma prison. He meant to serve out his time patiently until he could return to Rio Lobo and Becky Holland, the girl who waited for him there. Bushwhacked along the trail home, he was taken in by a gang of thieves who wanted him for his gun. Led by a beautiful, money-crazed woman named Yvonne and a cold-eyed killer, Bill Davenport, they meant to pull a big freight office job, but were short of gun hands. It was join up with the gang or be left in the mountains to die. Urged on by Yvonne, Jake was led along a trail of treachery, violence and murder which destroyed his chances of finding a peaceful life.

The Last Buffalo by Ralph Hayes


Strong winds of change are sweeping across the Great Plains of the Old West. There has been an invasion of reformers and prohibitionists, and the big herds of buffalo and other game animals are slowly disappearing. In the small Kansas town of Sulphur Creek, the saloon owners have hired gunslingers to intimidate the reformers and young Jock Sumner is caught right in the middle. As ward of Town Marshal Uriah Tate, Sumner is hot property but a hunter named O'Brien, stopping off in town, learns the boy and the town are in trouble and decides his help is needed. In a town full of hired killers there is only one man who can save a young boy's life, and prevent a real war from tearing the town apart...

The Land of Lost Dreams by Scott Connor  


Unlucky gambler, Sebastian Ford, owes everyone money and so, when Denver Fetterman calls in his debt, his only option is to flee. Sebastian offers his services as guide to a wagon train of settlers heading to an area known as the land of lost dreams, but Fetterman won't let him avoid his problems. To repay his debts Sebastian must lead the settlers through Hangman's Gulch where the gunslinger Eleazer Fremont is to ambush them and, to make sure he doesn't renage, Fetterman's stalwart debt collector, Chuck Kelley, will go with him. Sebastian accepts Fetterman's ultimatum reluctantly, but when he sides with the settlers, he vows to defy him. With Kelley watching his every move and Eleazer closing in, only hot lead can solve Sebastian's deadly dilemma.

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