Thursday, 18 April 2013

Review of Whispering Skull by Dead Edwards

In search of work, cow-puncher Jeff Stewart, is heading south. Making his way through the strange, untamed landscape that fringes the arid desert, Stewart is riding up into the maze of canyons when there is distant gunfire and a massive explosion. With the sound of bullets ringing in his ears, the naive cowboy has no idea that the savage Barton gang are en route to the notorious prison Fort Addams, to free their leader. And that soon the gang, and Jeff Stewart will be on a deadly collision course...

The perfect B-movie western that would keep me enthralled every time we went to the cinema and waited for the main feature. My choice for Stewart would be Randolph Scott. Thrills and spills on every page, a hugely entertaining read, excellent stuff.

This review appeared originally in Books Monthly

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