Monday, 25 May 2009

Bestsellers on - 25 May

1. Comes the Reaper by B.J. Holmes (1995)
8 Used: from £0.01

2. Hills of Blood by Frank Weight (2000)
4 Used: from £5.85

3. Long Shadows by Terry James (2009)
New: from £9.80

4. Rocking W by Gillian F. Taylor (1993)
5 Used: from £4.95

5. Comanche Country by Greg Mitchell (2009)
New: £11.03

6. War Smoke by Michael D. George (2009)
New: £11.03

7. Yuma Breakout by Jeff Sadler and B.J. Holmes (2008)
New: £12.25
Used from: from £8.95

8. Blast to Oblivion by Chap O'Keefe (2009)
New: £11.03
12 Used from : £7.63

9. Stampede at Rattlesnake Pass by Clay More (2007)
New: £11.99
3 Used: from £8.98

10. Lockwood's Law by Carter West (2000)
4 Used: from £2.66


Joanne Walpole said...



Great to see Joanne's book doing so well.

I.J. Parnham said...

It sure is. Well done, Jo.

Ray said...

Well done, Jo. No 3 in the charts.

Chap O'Keefe said...

As I've pointed out here before, the books you list as "Used" are actually listed by Amazon as "Used and new", and are the books (often new and sometimes used) offered by associated sellers, not Amazon. In every case the Amazon UK free delivery offer does not apply, so £2.75 has to be added to the price. Why not tidy this up, Ian?

Nik said...

I think we're all grown up enough to read the small print and shouldn't expect Ian to go overboard to point it out. £2.75 - If I go through Amazon, I pay that and more for postage here in Spain, Keith (Needless to say, I use bookdepository unless I can't find the book on their system).
Congrats to you and the other Keith and Jo and Gillian for getting in the chart. That's worth more than any old quibbling £2.75.
(As an aside, I bought a long-saught Max Brand for 1p but paid postage through Amazon - fine, I accepted that because I wanted the book).

Chap O'Keefe said...

Nik, I am not quibbling. The point you're missing is that the wording here suggests that there are 12 used copies of a book that was published just a few months ago. There are NOT. The Amazon associated sellers have only two used copies. The rest are all flagged "New" at the site from where Ian is collecting his information. Why he should be going overboard to change that, I don't know. I also suspect that the two dealers who actually say "Used like new" are in fact offering new copies. This is possibly a ploy so they can match the "parent" Amazon price after the mandatory postage is added.