Tuesday, 19 May 2009

May's Dales Westerns

Silent Wolf by Jake Douglas
He was a loner, known as 'Silent' - because he had had his throat partly ripped out by wolves. He had his own private mission and dead men began to pile up around him. Till a naïve girl who was a mighty good rifle shot joined him and cramped his style. She tried to make him see things differently, but finally, saw them his way. Then the body count climbed again, ending in a final bloody showdown in border mud.

Hoke John's Land by Caleb Rand
The Bannen family embarked on a 400-mile trek to Nebraska in search of a richer and more settled life. Then when they had finally established a small homestead they were fated to feel the full force of the cattlemen's advance across the Kansas border. Hoke Bannen knew he had to make a stand and soon he was driven to shoot a few heifers in order to warn off the cattlemen. That was when his troubles really began. He fought with his fists and guns but would it be enough? Would he save his home and his family despite the odds?

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