Tuesday, 26 May 2009

May's Black Horse Westerns

Bad Day in Babylon - Clayton Nash
After seven years married to Steve Bannister, Linda discovered to her horror that she didn't really know her husband at all. Settled in a good town and with a suitable lifestyle, she was now faced with a sudden move. It could be in the middle of the night - or the middle of a meal - such was the threat of danger. Steve's past was catching up with him. And the only way it could be stopped was with a smoking gun.

Return of the Gun Fighter - Ethan Flagg
While eking out a precarious livelihood rearing pigs, ex-bank robber Randy Cole has been asked to help a homesteader who is being threatened with eviction. The aging gunfighter is loath once again to take up arms until he learns that the victim is an old side-kick. And the skunk entrusted with the eviction is Jute Farley who betrayed the Cole gang and was responsible for Randy spending the next ten years in jail. Now Randy must exact his own lethal brand of justice. But the trail is littered with deadly varmints and much blood will be shed before the final showdown.

The $300 Man - Ross Morton
What's a life worth? $300, maybe. Half-Mexican Corbin Molina lost a hand during the Civil War but he has adapted. Now he's on a mission to Walkerville. On the way, he prevents a train robbery and finds an old friend. Corbin always carries $300, which is significant, since that's what he was a paid as substitute soldier for the Union. When Corbin starts asking questions about Walkerville's law and administration, he discovers that the Walker family, who seem to have bought and paid for loyalty and position, dominate the townspeople. Inevitably, Corbin's questions attract plenty of trouble. And his past emerges to confront him during a tense showdown that threatens not only him but also his newfound love.

Land of the Lost- Dean Edwards
Young drifter Hal Harper rides into the remote town of Senora when he finds himself looking down the barrels of the law. What Harper does not realise is that the ruthless outlaw Tate Talbot and his gang have managed to get themselves elected as sheriff and deputies. Talbot has discovered that there is a wanted poster on his own head worth a small fortune so he has the ingenious idea of collecting his own bounty by killing the innocent Harper and claiming the drifter is the outlaw known as Diamond Bob Casey. Harper manages to escape to the remote uncharted desert south of Senora but can he survive in the Land of the Lost?

Long Shadows - Terry James
When Jake Rudd is saved from a brutal beating, he can't believe his luck. Not only is his saviour an attractive redhead, she's an old flame. Suddenly his plans to settle down seem a real possibility. Unfortunately, Ros West has no memory of him, and with trouble following her, no reason to trust him. Only when family and friends are threatened by a power-hungry businessman, do the long shadows of the past bring events full circle. Now, side by side, Jake and Ros must deal with the past to secure the future. But when the smoke clears, will old scores be settled or will the truth prove more dangerous than a smoking gun?

Time to Kill - Lee Lejeune
Ten years after the end of the Civil War, Nat Jordan who has fought in the Confederate army, is returning by railroad to his home near Kansas City. Then they are held up by so-called Quantrill raiders, led by Captain Coulter with whom Jordan had escaped from Union forces during the War. Coulter recognises Jordan and this soon leads to complications. A Pinkerton agent called McGill suspects that Jordan is in cahoots with the raiders, and things begin to turn very nasty when tragedy strikes at the Jordan homestead. Who is on the side of the raiders and who is on the side of the law? It is time to kill, but who will die?

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