Sunday, 24 May 2009

May's Linford Westerns

Scott Connor - Last Stage To Lonesome
Carter Malone is returning to Lonesome when a thunderstorm forces the stage to stop in Ferry Town. Then, when Bart Merrill rides into town, a gunfight erupts leaving seven men dead, including Marshal McKinney, who, before dying, entrusts Carter to continue the journey and deliver his mysterious prisoner to Lonesome. But there are gunslingers along the trail ready to free the prisoner and an old adversary from his troubled past turns up - can he ever hope to reach Lonesome?

Ethan Flagg - Two For Texas
The Texas cattle town of Buckeye has been taken over by outlaw boss Wade Garvey. When his men start turning up with their throats cut, he brings in the hired gunfighter known as Nevado to find the killer. However, all is not what it seems in Buckeye, and amidst simmering passions, an unlikely liaison forms between Nevado and the mysterious knife-wielder... Then, as the bullets begin to fly on Nob Hill, it all culminates in an explosive climax.

Billy Hall - Temptation Trail
Max Quinn stood alone in the street of Sundance, Wyoming. Before him stood three of the fastest gunmen he had ever faced. The small, psychotic one of the trio tittered briefly. 'Let's see if you're fast enough to deal with all three of us,' he gloated. Max knew he should have gone somewhere, anywhere, except to Sundance. He tensed to draw, determined at least to die making the best effort of his life...

Greg Mitchell - Killer's Kingdom
The outlaw King Lesley has been plundering the countryside around Henly Springs for two years. Finally, when the local sheriff leads a posse against the outlaws, Lesley's men ambush them and a massacre ensues. On a mission to rescue any survivors, Marshal Rod Delroy arrives, but Mort Wolfe intervenes, driven by desire for revenge against Lesley. Rod faces many dangers before the outlaw threat is removed and the citizens of Henly Springs can live in peace again.

P. McCormac - Hammer Of God
Deputy Joe Hammer always gets his man. Thugs and killers don't give in easy: most are brought in slung over a saddle. Seeking a peaceful life, he resigns his badge, hangs up his guns and rides south to Mexico. But when Joe's friends are gunned down by Gomez Farias, the Hammer of God is roused. As a former lawman, the blood that flowed was a trickle compared to the flood unleashed when Joe rides out on the vengeance trail.

Bill Williams - Mistaken In Claymore Ridge
Ben Oakes had always been involved in trouble - he'd killed men before - but now he was determined to live a new life and never to carry a weapon. But when he's wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Todd Hakin, he's desperate to clear his name and escape the hangman's noose. Then Ben is finally released, and his search for Todd's killer leads him to Claymore Ridge, where he faces threats to his life from more than one quarter...

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