Monday, 18 May 2009

Review of The $300 Man by Ross Morton

I really liked this book. It is set during the Reconstruction years following the American Civil war. Corbin Molina is a Mexican half-breed who offers to substitute himself into the Union army on behalf of the son of a rancher who has taken him in - thus the reason that lies behind the $300 dollars.

The war is long over and Molina has suffered the loss of his left hand and now wears a hook in its place which comes in useful when thwarting a train robbery at the beginning of the book.

This is a very well told story with well-drawn characters and some very good twists and turns in both characters and plots. Particularly fine are the flashbacks which include the assault on Fort Fisher at North Carolina's Cape Fear in 1864.

I thought it a very good read.

Ray Foster
Broken Trails

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Nik said...

Thanks, Ray - I really hoped that I got the reader hooked by the first page...