Monday, 9 March 2009

Bestselling BHWs on Amazon - 9 Mar '09

1. The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 30 Jun 2009) - Available for pre-order

2. The Outlawed Deputy by I.J. Parnham (Hardcover - 31 Aug 2001) - 8 Used & new from £0.99

3. Loco by Ethan Wall (Hardcover - 31 Jul 1991) - 10 Used & new from £0.72

4. Dakota Hit by Charles Langley Hayes (Hardcover - 28 Feb 1995) - 10 Used & new from £0.98

5. Montana Hit by Charles Langley Hayes (Hardcover - 31 Oct 1993) - 5 Used & new from £3.79

6. Darrow's Word by Gillian F. Taylor (Hardcover - 29 April 2001) - 4 Used & new from £4.85

7. Just Breathin' Hate by Dempsey Clay (Hardcover - 31 Dec 2008) - 2 Used & new from £8.08

8. Doomsday Mesa by Chap O'Keefe (Hardcover - Dec 1995) - 6 Used & new from £7.50

9. The Gunman and the Actress by Chap O'Keefe (Hardcover - 31 Mar 1995) - 6 Used & new from £4.95

10. Shadow Man by Andrew McBride (Hardcover - 30 Nov 2008) - 2 Used & new from £8.08


Chap O'Keefe said...

"Bestselling" charts in this and many other connections appear to me an absurdity. A chart position is certainly not determined by a book's content or even its author's proven ability to entertain readers with his work. The books here were issued over a wide range of years -- in fact, one is sight unseen, being as yet unpublished. Many other books issued over the same time span are just not available. The prices also go across a wide range. One wonders if some purchases were not made on the basis of cheapness. Then again you have to wonder about the BHWs for which Amazon sellers ask the likes of a ridiculous £90. These will never appear here or in any other bestselling chart! But does it mean they are the unpopular BHWs that no one wants to read?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I think I'll get some of these. Interesting, though, that Coyote Deadly is not on there (by Lance Howard) as I tried to order one and they told me they had sold out.


I.J. Parnham said...

There were quite a few Lance Howard westerns in the 11-20 range as they are popular. I'd guess the fact that Coyote Deadly sold out so quickly made it drop out of the top 10.

Nik said...

Probably the biggest bestseller that WASN'T read is Stephen Hawking's book 'A Brief History of Time' (on the list for 237 weeks). No, we can't necessarily take these lists too seriously but, hey, if your name is up there, feel proud, even if only for a few seconds.
Nik/Ross Morton