Sunday, 22 March 2009

March's Linford Westerns

Robert Anderson - Renegade Gold
In Goldrush, an Indian uprising forces Kit Napier to rediscover his skills as an army scout. It wasn't the Indians who started the war, rather those white men plotting to supply them with guns for payment in gold. But their payment was destined to be made in blood. In partnership with a saloon girl, he fought both the renegade Indians and treacherous members of his own race: a desperate bid to prevent the territory going up in flames.

Terrell L. Bowers - A Reckoning At Orphan Creek
When Sandy Wakefield, Flint's uncle, dies in a mining mishap, Flint and Johnny Wakefield suspect foul play. Sandy was trying to improve the miners' lot, who work long hours in dangerous conditions for a pittance. Then, Flint and Johnny discover the stripped body of an unknown man and seek to learn his identity. But life above ground gets as dangerous as below. Ultimately, it seems, Flint will have to die before there can be a reckoning at Orphan Creek!

Elliot Conway - Judge Parker's Lawmen
'Hanging' Judge Parker orders Marshal Houseman and his greenhorn deputy, Zeke Butler, to deal with raiders who are burning out Indian farmers in the Cherokee Strip in Indian Territory. Houseman begrudgingly sets off with Zeke, doubting he could be of any help at all. But with the aid of Bear Paw, and some of his kin, the two lawmen face the raiders in a series of shoot-outs, which prove Zeke to be one of the Judge's toughest manhunters.

Tyler Hatch - Wilde Country
When Logan found he'd outlived his welcome in Mexico, he rode back north of the Rio, to reconcile himself with his father. But his father had died and there was no welcome from big brother Tate, whose alliance with a crooked attorney threatened to destroy the rest of the family. So, if Logan was to survive, and his kid sister and brother were to get what was due to them, he had to oil his guns - and use them!

Alan Irwin - The Long Chase
Jake Madison quit his job as marshal in Wildern, Wyoming Territory, when his wife Emma was killed during a bank raid by outlaw Bart Peary. Jake embarked on a hunt for the killer, which took him to Colorado, the Texas Panhandle, and the Indian Territory. Jake was facing a dangerous and difficult task, so even with the help of a retired army scout and two prospectors could he ever succeed in bringing Bart Peary and his associates to justice?

Carlton Youngblood - Gold For Durango
When James Buckley Armstrong comes upon a young woman fighting off two men, he finds that his deadly .44 Colt changes their minds. But then Rufus Ludel, her husband, rides up with his men, and he wants Buck hanged. He escapes the necktie party, only to run headlong into a range war and a series of gold bullion robberies. Buck tries to help with the gold shipment but is mistrusted by everyone it seems...including the local vigilante committee.

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