Sunday, 1 March 2009

February's Black Horse Westerns

A new crop of Black Horse Western titles are available this month:

Eugene Clifton - Long Road to Revenge
A stage coach is robbed, and there are no witnesses; every soul who was aboard is missing or dead. With his sister among those who were killed, Cole Garvin swears he'll not rest until those responsible are six feet under. He's not the only one seeking out the murderers, but it's hard to know who can be trusted. Tracking down a gang of ruthless outlaws is no job for a peace loving rancher, and Garvin leaves his scruples behind to take up the way of the gun. When he meets a special lady it's just too bad; there's no time for love on the road to revenge.

Jake Douglas - Too Many Sundowns
Chance Benbow thought that at long last he had found a place - and a woman - where he would have peace and quiet and a future. Things went smoothly at first but then it all blew up in his face. When he recovered from the bullet wounds, he saw his future clearly, even though it was clouded by gunsmoke. He would stride through it with a gun in each hand - and if Hell waited on the other side, then he would meet it head-on, taking a lot of dead men with him.

Lance Howard - Coyote Deadly
When the Chulo brothers sweep into the town of Thanody, a town that has sworn off violence, all hell breaks loose.And when Marshal James Tredder calls in an old friend and manhunter Josh Dellin to track down the vicious killers known as the Prairie Wolves the West runs scarlet with blood.Within hours Josh find himself forced to confront a powerful land owner bent on covering up his sons' brutal raids and struggling to protect the life of a beautiful young woman who's the only witness to their foul deeds.
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Owen G. Irons - The Shadow Riders
It wasn't asking too much of a man. The Arizona Rangers only wanted Tyrone Cannfield to let himself be thrown into an army punishment camp sentenced to hard labour, escape from the chain gang, track down the Shadow Riders, a gang of plundering, murderous thugs, bring in Mingo, the savage leader of the badmen, and halt a train robbery. All of this to be done on his own with forty badmen ready to shoot him down at the first misstep. It wasn't asking too much of him because Mingo was the man who had murdered Cannfield's wife back in Texas, and he would do everything possible to eliminate him and the Shadow Riders. But would he survive?

Chap O'Keefe - Blast to Oblivion
Zach Skann came to Denver toting a deadly 12-gauge Greener shotgun. His mind was warped and sick from fifteen years in a penitentiary and it sought the palliative of vengeance against mines investor Ryan Bennett, the former Pinkerton detective responsible for his incarceration and the hangings of comrades. Subsequently, it fell to Joshua Dillard, gun-for-hire, to seek the truth about Bennett's murder for his sister, icily beautiful Flora Bennett. She declared she'd been cheated of a bequest; that Ryan's widow and his smooth ex-secretary knew more than they were letting on. To clear up the sorry mess of accusation and trickery, Joshua rode to a mining-town hell-hole. There the trail of inquiry became a trail of more blood!
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Ronald Martin Wade - Lanigan and the Silent Mourner
Shawnee Lanigan, half-breed man-hunter, accepts a commission from a grieving grandfather to track down and bring to justice Marsh Kennebec, the murderer of his daughter and her husband. The old man's grandson, traumatized by the loss of his parents, has been unable to weep or mourn the loss.Lanigan sets out to track down Kennebec but must repeatedly fight for his life against both outlaws and corrupt lawmen who try to bar his path. After tracking the killer to his hiding place, he finds himself outnumbered, outgunned and standing trial for his life before a jury of killers, fugitives and thieves.If convicted, he will hang. If found innocent, he must fight a duel to the death.

Ron Watkins - Sharpshooters in the Hills
Two sharpshooters, McGee and Salmon, go into Indian territory hoping to claim a reward. First they must find a man named Roger Stone, who has disappeared in the Black Hills but death dogs their progress. Stone had already been murdered and McGee is attacked by an Indian. Salmon is close to being hanged. Their friend, Dan the whisky man and his daughter, Daisy, turn up in Caraton. He has a mysterious order to supply one hundred bottles of whiskey. Will they inflame the Indians' brooding resentment at being herded into the reservation? Will the duo be able to stop the proposed uprising? They will need all their sharpshooting skills to survive the gun battles ahead.


Nik said...

I've just finished reading my second Jake Douglas BHW - 'Silent Wolf'(2008) - and can recommend it. So I'll be looking with interest at his latest 'Too Many Sundowns' above.
Nik (Ross Morton)

Chap O'Keefe said...

I believe the sixth BHW for February is actually The Shadow Riders by Owen G. Irons (accomplished US writer Paul Lederer). Steve M recently posted about it at