Wednesday, 25 March 2009

March's Black Horse Westerns

Die This Day - Dempsey Clay
When their troubled town found itself yet again without a peace officer to enforce the law, the citizens finally agreed on what must be done: forget the cost and risks involved and hire a town-tamer. The famed marshal seemed to meet all their requirements - until the day gun hell erupted again. The town looked confidently to their hero to deal with the trouble - while only the marshal himself realised that this town - and this adversary - might prove the one to put him in his grave.

The Guns of Caleb Jones - Alan C. Porter
Caleb Jones rode into Desert Bluffs to make peace with his daughter whom he had not seen in twenty years, but Aguilar's raider, from across the Mexican border, robbed him of that chance, killing her and taking his granddaughters. It was down to Caleb to get them back whatever the cost, so he rode with guns blazing in an explosive, rescue mission into Mexico that seemed doomed from the start. But Caleb was not a man to accept defeat lying down and when his guns spoke, men listened or died.

Left-Hand Gun - Walt Masterson
When grasping landowner Morgan Fetterman hires a professional gunman to get rid of lovely Jemima Penrose from her remote ranch in the mountains of Arizona, he makes a bad mistake by choosing Luke Horn for the job. Horn doesn't like what he hears about Fetterman, and despite a disabling wound in his right arm, assists in getting the rustlers bought to justice. Can Horn bring Fetterman's plans tumbling down? Rustling, plotting and plenty of gunplay follow in Horn's fight for freedom.

Guns of Virtue - Peter Wilson
The brutal murder of his lawman father and the memory of a younger brother's decline into a life of lawlessness set Adam Wade on a quest for revenge on the man he holds responsible. The search takes him to the town of Virtue where the man he is hunting, rich ranch owner Hal Kember, is a pillar of society and a future state governor. But just when he thinks his search is over and vengeance is his, Adam becomes involved in a web of deceit and murder involving Kember's beautiful wife, Laura, his errant son, Luke, and a group of stage robbers and killers. Now it will end in a shoot-out that brings one last life-changing shock for Adam.

Anderson's War - Jackson Davis
Drifter Hank Anderson planned to go straight when he pinned on the town marshal's badge and tried to tame the wild and rambunctious cattle capital of Abilene. But dark secrets about his outlaw past and shady part in a Civil War massacre are being winkled out of him by the town reporter Jane Cox. To make matters worse, fanatical Kanan 'redlegs' are on his trail vowing revenge. And when a young lad, Newt, turns up claiming to be his son it adds to his troubles. Six guns roar as the action accelerates and fast-shooting killers rob the town bank. With Newt alongside, Hank heads after them into Indian Territory. But even if he can recover the stolen cash should he return with it to Jane Abilene or ride on to a new life in California?

Daughter of Evil - H. H. Cody
When Jake Probyn hauled up outside the Circle F ranch, he was looking for work and not trouble. But trouble in the shape of the boss' daughters and the foreman, Ransome, was what he found. Things got worse when the old man died and left the ranch equally to his daughters. Then there were back shootings and range fires with one daughter going missing. There was trouble galore waiting for Jake. "The Drowned Valley on Circle F Land" certainly had its own eerie story to tell.

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