Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Len Meares

Dave Whitehead reports on why he won't be able to get Len Meares' earlier books republished at Benbridges.co.uk

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Chap O'Keefe said...

An indication, if any were needed that "backstreet" publishers -- with all their discourtesy to writers and readers, not to mention shabby treatment -- are still operating. But the happier part is that it's perhaps only from the comfort of golf resorts on the Australian Gold Coast

If it's any comfort, a boycott is scarcely necessary. Cleveland product doesn't have even transtasman distribution -- strictly mainland Oz, it seems. They're doomed!

Meanwhile, their best writers still with us, Paul Wheelahan and Keith Hetherington, are now producing BHWs, and there's not a thing Mr Atkins can do about that.

David, make sure that university lady -- Dr Toni Johnson-Woods -- hears about this suppression of part of Australia's literary/pulp heritage.

Others, you can read more about David and Len at www.blackhorsewesterns.com/bhe2 and in the first two Hoofprints at www.blackhorsewesterns.com/bhe3