Friday, 6 March 2009

February's Linford Westerns

Every month Ulverscroft publish around six Linford Westerns. These are large print paperbacks and most are reprints of Black Horse Westerns.

David Bingley - Owlhoot Bandits
When ex-Cavalry officer Lieutenant Bob McCleave hurries home to the Diamond M in Rockwall County, New Mexico, it's because his father's freight business is under threat. Approaching home, Bob clashes with freight raiders at Indian Ridge. But when it appears that it's the local banks that are now at risk, he becomes a temporary deputy. After a renegade outfit raids the South-Western National in Broad Creek, will Bob's ruthlessness and shooting accuracy be enough to overthrow those responsible?

Luther Chance - Mist Rider
Dawn breaks in the town of Random on a bad note. A local man is found dead, hanging from the tree in the livery corral. Worse follows with the discovery of the victims of slaughter and rape at a nearby homestead. Are the two events linked? Who is responsible? Then as Edrow Scoone and his ruthless, tormenting sidekicks make life for the townsfolk a nightmare, a stranger, scarred and silent, books himself a room at the Golden Gaze saloon...

Owen G. Irons - The Bounty Killers
Most bounty hunters operated legally to bring their quarries to justice 'dead or alive'. But for Big Jack Corrigan however, it had to be dead every time - and the law took objection to that. So, to prevent bounty hunters killing the killers, deputy US Marshal Lee Saleen followed when Corrigan and his henchmen set off in pursuit of bank robber and killer Pearly Gillis and his gang. Surrounded by enemies, how would Saleen cope against the overwhelming odds?

Clay More - Stampede At Rattlesnake Pass
When Jake Scudder sees the cloud of dust he knows there's been a stampede. But there is more. A massacre has taken place at Rattlesnake Pass and the Rocking H herd has been rustled, leaving the wrangler Johnnie Parker barely alive. Jake helps the Rocking H owners and escorts Elly Horrocks to Silver City to retrieve the herd. But Jake faces murder, rustlers' bullets and the hangman's noose. Scudder is determined to find those responsible - and make them pay!

Frank Roderus - Dead Man's Journey
The Civil War took everything from Alex Adamley. He was once the captain of the blockade runner the SAVANNAH BELLE. He'd been crippled; left penniless; his ship destroyed and his home and family gone. Yet his dead brother had left him some property in the distant West. Alex determined to go and see this property. He started walking ever westward...on a journey that would end in the toughest fight of his life. He was on a Dead Man's Journey.

Corba Sunman - Running Crooked
Despite his innocence, Taw Landry served five years in prison for robbery. Freed at last, his troubles seemed over, but when he reached the home range, they were just beginning. He was determined to discover who'd stolen twenty thousand dollars from the stage office in Cottonwood. But Taw's resolution was overtaken by events. Murder was committed and rustling was rife as Taw tried to unravel the five-year-old mystery. As the guns began to blaze - could he survive to the final showdown?

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Chap O'Keefe said...

Readers who want to know more about Luther Chance (rn Brian Parvin) and his westerns can find a feature article at

The late David Bingley wrote many westerns for Hale, for example, as Frank Silvester. He also wrote war fiction paperbacks and scripts for the Fleetway-style war picture libraries (comic books). I worked with him in this last connection when I was editing and writing (while still a teenager) at Micron Publications in the 1960s.