Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A new BHW reader

David Cranmer reports on his first experience of a BHW at The Education of a Pulp Writer



David's actually working on a western at the moment that he hopes he'll place with Robert Hale. So good luck from all us HALE'S cowboys.

David Cranmer said...

Looking forward to reading my next BHW... I'm working overtime and making some good progress on my novel.

Nik said...

Glad to hear you've been corralled, David. Here's an un ashamed plug:
THE $300 MAN by Ross Morton -What’s a life worth? $300, maybe. Corbin Molina, who lost a hand during the Civil War, always carries $300, which is significant, since that’s what he was a paid as substitute soldier for the Union. Now Corbin’s past emerges to confront him during a tense showdown that threatens not only him but also his newfound love.