Friday, 20 March 2009

March's Dales Westerns

Ethan Flagg - Dead Man Walking
Young Nelson is more than a little surprised when he receives a letter from his dying uncle who claims to have secreted a fortune in gold in Bronco Canyon, Arizona. Eager to take advantage of this unexpected windfall, he secures a job with a wagon train heading west, but Fate steps in, in the form of a ghost from the past. Who is the mysterious predator also claiming a right to the loot? Will he succeed in thwarting Nelson's plan for a new life with the lovely Emma Driscoll? A final bloody showdown will settle the matter once and for all.

Walt Masterson - Guns Along The Gila
When he finds the struggling Wheatley family trying to make it all by themselves through troubled Apache territory of the Sonora Desert, army scout John Best begs them to wait for him to guide them, but they set out on their own and the Apaches strike first. Now Best finds himself helping the teenager Lucien to rescue his beautiful sister Emma from a terrible fate. However the US Cavalry, under a demented newly commissioned officer, seems to be determined to complicate matters instead of riding to the rescue. It's all down to Best to fight his way through despite the odds.

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