Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mission Statement

Around ten years ago when I first logged on to the Internet and searched for Black Horse Westerns there was next to no information available. Now all that has changed. There are on-line magazines, blogs, personal websites, myspace pages, facebook groups, twitters... all to varying degrees containing information on BHWs. Keeping track of all the places to look for new material is becoming a difficult task and so that is where the Black Horse Express Blog aims to help.

This blog will keep readers updated on all the new Black Horse related material as it becomes available. It may from time to time provide new material, but in the main it will be a place for readers to visit to find out what the latest Black Horse news is without having to trawl through dozens of different sites. The site will update only on Black Horse news and so information on western fiction generally will not appear here.

The intention is to create a resource that promotes all Black Horse Western novels and authors equally. So over the next few weeks I will amend the look of this blog to create a full list of all resources and links. I admit that I am unsure if this resource will turn out to be a useful one as I have started this blog simply because I have found it difficult to keep track of all the places where information is becoming available. Accordingly I will review how useful it has become in, say, six months, but it is hoped that this blog will help bring together the on-line Black Horse community.

Ian Parnham


Ray said...

Great idea - the potential for this could be enormous. There has been a growth in the blog world of western related sites - in turn there has been more interest in Black Horse Westerns.
A centre point for all Black Horse Westerns and related topics seems right.

I.J. Parnham said...

I think so too, Ray!

Nik said...

Go for it, Ian - and the best of luck!
Nik (Ross Morton)